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The Takeyama Rice Retailer was founded in 1867, and moved to its present location in 1900. It burnt down in big fires in the years 1914 and 1929, and was rebuilt twice.
It was flooded by water around 3m deep in the 2011 disaster tsunami. The eave soffit was carried away, but the greater part of the building remained and was restored.
The two-story store completed in 1930 and the main building have been reconstructed by taking away pieces of the construction material one by one and placing them in a different position.
The warehouse remains in the same position as before, with the part eroded by the tsunami restored. During the restoration, a new one-story annex connecting the main building and the warehouse has been constructed.

<Visiting hours>

Weekdays・Saturday・Holiday 9am〜6pm close Sunday

<2nd floor -Washitsu- visiting hours>

Every Saturday 10am〜4pm
※Except for New Year holidays(Dec 29 - Jan 6)