14.Main 2F Japanese style room/ round windows

Audio guide

At the back of the room you see two round windows, each with a wave of wood across its diameter. Here you are looking at kuwa, which is mulberry wood. And now you must use your imagination. Some see a mountain in the flowing lines of each piece. Others see a beach, or a cloudy landscape. But look at just the black line in the wood. Doesn’t it look like the ridgeline of Mount Kameyama on Oshima Island as seen from here in the inner harbor area? And did the carpenters of long ago want you to think so? It’s their secret now.  


It’s no secret why these windows are here. Like the rooms downstairs, these spaces had limited access to daylight. So the round windows not only shared the available daylight but also added the artistry of the wood to the décor of the room.